Gyges the Terrible

Hi! I’ve just put out my new novel Gyges the Terrible. You can find it here:

I’m curious to see if anyone’s reading it, and if they are, what they think….


4 Responses to “Gyges the Terrible”

  1. ruthie goldberg Says:

    i once read a book by an author named kilgore trout and your stories remind me of his. and the same thing i told him goes to you: “vary your sentence structure!”. i’m not really sure what that means but someone once told it to me. i think it means putting in commas where there should be periods and vice versa. keep up the good work kiddo! / Ruthie

    • keturion Says:

      Hi Ruthie,

      Thanks for your input! I’m finding that good sentence structure is not something that comes naturally. I’ve studied a lot of Latin and English definitely lends itself to a different style. On the one hand I enjoy trying to impose a more Latin structure on the language, but the result is text that is difficult to read. So I’ve been trying to listen to more voices like your own and put the reader first! Gyges was my first attempt to “tone down the structure”. Of course, that might not be what you mean….


  2. Mark Says:

    Hi Adam-
    Just noticed a word choice/spelling mistake on the webpage synopsis. Something like “it was a world he was ever supposed to see”

    Shouldn’t it be: “it was a world he was never supposed to see”?

    Looking forward to reading it and thanks heaps for sharing your work.

    • keturion Says:

      Hi Mark,

      I appreciate your eye. The phrase was: “It’s not a world he was ever supposed to see.” Although grammatically correct, your suggestion works better.

      I’ll update the site right away! Thanks for the tip.

      Hope you enjoy the story.


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